Company Background

Thai Motor Chain Co.,Ltd. บริษัท ไทยมอเตอร์เชน จำกัด or TMC is a fasten moving motorcycle chain manufacturer based in Thailand TMC is located in Rayong Province, a two-hour drive East of Bangkok. TMC spans across 16,000 square meters of land in Amata City lndustrial in Rayong.

TMC has established an integrated system incorporating every step of the value - from design, development and manufacturing to distribution and merchandising.
TMC has research and development capabilities for chain products, particularly in industrial design such as Driven Chain and Sprocket Kit.
TMC offers a high range of manufacturing in machining, forming, extrusion, assembly, stamping and heat treatment to satisfy all customer requirements.

TMC manufactures and distributes high-quality motorcycle chains for the automotive industry, as well as the most technologically advanced methode in machinery and facilities in the industry. TMC's main machineries and equipments are as follows.

• High Speed Precision Blanking Machine 
• Continuous Bright Hardening, Quenching, Tempering Furnace  
• Barrel Machine
• shot Peening Machine
• semi-Automatic Chain Assermbly Machine
• Automatic Part Missing Checker
• Tensile Tester
• Rockwell Hardness Tester
• Profile Projector
• Mocro Hardness Vicker
• Burn-In Test